Oracle EBS Electronic Invoicing



Project: Oracle EBS Electronic Invoicing

AcevedoApps has completed several projects concerning Oracle eBS integration with electronic invoicing needs.

These needs involve the development of specific tools to integrate electronic invoicing in AR and AP modules according the taxes administrative specifications, such as the case of the Chilean Internal Tax Service or the Spanish Public Tax Office.

It has been necessary to create a tool able to carry out all the transactions used by the application in a predefined xml format: (Chilean format or facturae format). In the Chilean case, the xml should have included a stamp and an electronic signature, which would be exported into PDF417. All these processes involved the creation of xml documents, digital signature on documents, creation of pdf documents, bar codes…

In other cases, it was necessary the digital signature on transaction documents previously created, due to the application or previous developments. This generally involves digital signature on pdf documents in a field included in the final document.

The results have been 100% satisfactory. The clients do not need to use invoicing paper anymore, avoiding extra costs. Moreover, the electronic documents obey all the public administration requirements regarding electronic invoicing.

The solutions have been transparently implemented. The user does not have to do any additional action in order to complete all the steps in the electronic invoicing. Furthermore, the process has been made as simple as possible, doing minimum changes in the previous invoicing code system.

AcevedoApps has become a reference guide for the Oracle ERP integration in the electronic invoicing, which is now essential for the adaption of the future business management. Electronic invoicing can be designed under certain format specifications or basing on Digital Certificates.

Otros proyectos

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