• Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), IaaS from Oracle

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), IaaS from Oracle

    Today, we are going to talk about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), IaaS from Oracle. First of all, you have to know what IaaS means (Infrastructure as a Service), remote compute resources, also known as, servers that we “rent” to a […]

    Today, we are going to talk about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), IaaS from Oracle.

    First of all, you have to know what IaaS means (Infrastructure as a Service), remote compute resources, also known as, servers that we “rent” to a Cloud provider.


    IaaS give us many advantages if we compare it to traditional infrastructure (on-premise), like maintenance cost saving, if we want to renew the infrastructure, cooling the machines, physical space to CPD, agility if we want to scale up/down environments…

    There are many cloud infrastructure providers, like Amazon (AWS), Oracle (OCI), Microsoft (Azure), Google (Google Cloud).

    Most of the cloud providers use as processing unit vCPU, that’s the same that 1 compute thread of last generation Intel Xeon, that’s it ½ real physical core.

    The processing unit that Oracle uses when provisioning machines are OCPU (Oracle CPU), that is the same than a physical core of last generation Intel Xeon, with two compute threads

    • 1 OCPU a 1 physical core of last generation Intel Xeon CPU.
    • 1 OCPU a 2 compute threads.
    • 1 OCPU a 2 compute vCPU.

    Also, from Acevedo we think that Oracle is the best choice as IaaS provider, that’s why they offer many advantage, like the OCPUs computation bucket , you choose how to dispense it.

    For example, if you own 8 OCPU, you may choose how to distribute your environment:

    • 4 machines 2 OCPU each.
    • A single machine with 8 OCPU.
    • 8 machine with 1 OCPU each.
    • And many other combinations…

    This feature will grant you more flexibility.


    Also, you can completely setup all your networks, applying firewall rules, it works like this, an IP address is allowed to use one or several Ports, if you want to have full security, you must ensure to restrict the access only to the IPs that you need.

    The Oracle IaaS environment is totally integrated with the rest utilities from Oracle Cloud (IaaS or PaaS) like Database Cloud Service, or Java Cloud Service.

    With Marketplace machine Images; you may deploy new instances with default configurations, for example an Apache Server, in few steps and directly from Oracle Cloud Web console, in just a few minutes.


    The final user won’t see any difference in the interface, he will not know if we is working on his on-premise CPD, or if he is working on Oracle’s CPD in Frankfurt or Amsterdam.

    Also, the low latency HDD, with the same cost than the default ones, secure a  better performance when working with the database, scoring better results even 3 times faster than the defaults HDD.

    With the new pay-as-you-go politic, every resource on Oracle Cloud works with “Universal Credits”, the unused “Universal Credits”, may be use in other features of Oracle Cloud (like PaaS service or SaaS) like a development platform (Java Cloud Service, or Docker).

    The Cloud agility isn’t only about scaling, rapid provisioning new instances in just a few minutes, in non-production environments, like development or test we can schedule some hours to be up and running, for example 8 hours a day while developers are working, when they are finish, out of the working hours, the machine may shut down by themselves, without any additional cost, only pay when they are up and running.

    In Acevedo we are pioneers in this kind of solutions, because we believe in the cloud in general, and in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in particular, the tranquillity decentralizing the office servers, also the security that the Oracle CPD offers, the investment that an IaaS provider grants, it’s not comparable with the provided with the investment and resources from a default Enterprise. Let Oracle be in charge with the infrastructure! And forget the iron at your office.

    From Acevedo, we will help you in the journey to the cloud, you may count with us to migrate your on-premise server to the Cloud, or if you are thinking to include a new functionality in the cloud and Acevedo have certified specialist in this technology with experience deploying cloud solutions.

    • Migrating your application to the Cloud.
    • Creating new environments in the Cloud.
    • Expanding your Cloud resources.


    For more information about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure visit or contact us.

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