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    <h2>Today we going to talk about ChatBots. But first i have to explain what´s a Bot.</h2> It`s a software with artificial intelligence (or not) that has been developed for without the help of any human, it able to perform certain […]


    <h2>Today we going to talk about ChatBots. But first i have to explain what´s a Bot.</h2>

    It`s a software with artificial intelligence (or not) that has been developed for without the help of any human, it able to perform certain tasks for which it has been designed.

    On the other hand a ChatBot is a type of Bot that with NLP and IA that could simúlate a conversation more closely to the user than Bot.

    A question very common but with diferent answer is, What do a ChatBot? The answer of this question is that a bot can do everything that we are able to configure and program, since a simple task until more complex task, like 80% successful customer service tasks, saving technicians time solving trivial problems.

    But this is just the beginning, this technology is in expanse, each time it will be able to offer us more functionalities and greater performance.


    Other question is What benefits it could offer to us a ChatBot?, for answer this question, first i have to explain some basic concepts that will be present on every IDE, although sometimes with different names.

    Once i have explained the basic concepts of a ChatBot, i can answer the question of “What adventagecan a ChatBot offer us?”

    A ChatBot always fulfill some basic benefit:

    1. They can answer on real time, without need be controlled, but having that option open.
    2. It can be adapted to the client’s language thanks to the “Resources Boundles” and its ability to detect the language in which the client speaks.
    3. A big utility it´s can create or reuse Instant Apps, our ChatBot always will be up to date in terms of technologies and facilities for users.
    4. Implementing a ChatBot means releasing a big workload, the ChatBot always be the first to contact the customer, being able to take charge of the incidents, this allow the tecnicians to be dealing with more important problems.



    Is important to know, what hope the people about ChatBots and how they interact with they, this leave to us the oportunity of continue growing with this tecnology.

    The 64% of the people think that the best ChatBot´s fact is the service 24/7. For other way also there is a porcentaje who think that the best ChatBot´s fact is the capacity of recibe a fast answer and the ease it brings in terms of mobility. (The client dont need to move).

    It´s true that 31% of the people prefer a more personal and close response, but for this there are ChatBot that as we have explained above, the treatment they give to the client is increasingly human. It is a matter of time and training that the ChatBot is becoming more personal and this percentage is reduced significantly.

    A very important factor for the people when they think in implementing a ChatBot or not, is that there is already an App in use for that company, trade…. The solution is easy, the ChatBot resides in messaging applications, which the user used before. However, most applications that the user is forced to download to perform a specific task are erased in about 3,4 days on average.

    For finish, let´s conclude with the question, Why are ChatBots the future? ChatBots can be integrated almost anywhere. You can add any type of Instant App to design the ChatBot according to the needs of the company.

    They dont need to rest, this will lead to new digital marketing strategies. The relationship between the companies and the customers will be more closer, it is favored by the effective communication. In addition their actions are controlled through analytics and history with all the messages sent by ChatBot to the user (Only the ChatBot´s messages for privacy), thanks to this we will see statistics that will allow us to know more about our company and handle new data from great interest.

    If this post has been interesting or usefull, in Acevedo we know fisrthand the whole process that leads to the creation of a ChatBot/Bot from scratch, for this type of work we rely on Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise for all the resources it brings us the platform without the need for external tools.

    For more information about Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise, go to or contact us.

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