• Electronic invoice integration with Oracle EBS

    Electronic invoice integration with Oracle EBS

    AcevedoApps ha desarrollado y puesto en marcha durante el año 2014 varios proyectos relativos a la integración de la aplicación Oracle eBS con la demanda de los clientes sobre Facturación Electrónica.

    AcevedoApps has completed several projects concerning Oracle eBS integration with electronic invoicing.

    The objective was to develop tools to integrate the electronic invoicing into AR and AP systems, following strict administration specifications, such as the Spanish or Chilean Tax Administration.

    It has been necessary to develop a tool able to generate all the possible transactions of the application on xml format (Chilean format or Spanish facturae). In the case of Chile, that xml format must include an official stamp and electronic signature, which we transformed into a PDF417 code for the printed sample. So we had to work with xml documents, digital signatures, pdf documents, barcodes, etc.

    In other cases, we had to work with digital signatures in the case of documents already created by means of the same application or previous processes. This was applied for example in the case of pdf documents, where the digital signature was included in a field that was part of the final document. The digital signature turns the electronic bill in a verified document, unalterable and valid at any time.

    The results have been 100% satisfactory for our clients, who can now manage without manual bills avoiding additional costs, like paper costs. And of course, digital invoicing follows all the necessary administrative requisites with previous validation by their systems.

    In short, solutions have been implemented in a completely transparent way for the user, who now does not need to carry out any additional manual action to complete the electronic invoicing operations. Moreover, the process has been done with hardly intrusion in the previous systems, with the minimum changes on the invoicing codes.

    AcevedoApps has therefore become an important referent for the Oracle ERP integration in the electronic invoicing system, now essential in all modern businesses. That invoicing system, as it has been said before, can be designed under specific formats or by means of a digital signature on documents based on digital certificates.

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