• Oracle EBS R12.2 development standards

    Oracle EBS R12.2 development standards

    Oracle e-Business Suite a partir de la versión R12.2 realiza un gran salto tanto a nivel de infraestructura como de tecnología. Todo este cambio tiene un denominador común funcional: “Online Patching”.

    Oracle eBusiness Suite R12.2 version makes a great difference not only in its infrastructure but also from a technological point of view. This exceptional change shares a common denominator, which is “Online Patching”.

    The main advantages of this functionality are 3:

    • The use of patches hardly ever involves loss of the service. Moreover, its application is completely transparent for the user.
    • The use of patches does not affect executing processes.
    • Running processes do not affect patches.

    The new functionality really affects the computing developers and data base administrators, so that patches on database and applications must be applied using -> Online Patching.

    Developers must take into account 3 new data base concepts:

    • Editioned Objects
    • Effectively-Editioned Objects
    • NON editioned Objects

    All these database objects must obey certain special conditions both when they are created/modified and when they are used in other computing environments.

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